Thank You for your interest in joining GPDC.

Since February of 2012, this small but mighty group has accomplished much including organizing and implementing three Elementary Student Diversity Days that included PD for teachers; a Preschool-to Second-Grade Educators Diversity Summit for Teachers and Administrators; sponsoring Community Events, such as concerts, speakers, and film screenings around topics of Social Justice, Equity, and Inclusion, and possibly most important, serving as a resource and support for teachers and administrators in our member schools who are working to create diverse, culturally competent, equitable and inclusive school cultures and environments.

The Benefits of Membership

The benefits of membership in the GPDC are much more than participation in the above events and activities. The Collaborative is a powerful resource for moving the school forward in its social justice, equity, and inclusion work and dismantling racist practices in our schools. The Collaborative also provides vast networking opportunities. Those who are involved in the Collaborative help to set the agenda for meetings and have a voice in what professional development opportunities the Collaborative provides. Additionally, the Collaborative provides opportunities for promotion/advertising of each member school and consequently, shows the public that the school is actively incorporating this important work into the life of the school. Participation in the GPDC and specifically, hosting an event at your school, can be catalysts for effecting change, galvanizing faculty to action, and identifying your school as a place where constructive conversations about difference happen. Collectively, we are able to create opportunities that we might not be able to do on our own.

How to Become a Member School

The Collaborative and its member schools maintain a commitment to this work of equity, inclusion, and social justice, and advancing our schools toward an anti-racist culture. It is necessary to have this commitment from each member school, specifically from the Head of School. As faculty change and consequently, representation to the Collaborative changes, a commitment from the Head of School ensures a stronger, more sustainable commitment and assures that each school will be represented.

Your Head of School commitment to the Collaborative requires three things: 

  1. appointing one or more faculty members who will represent your school at bi-monthly GPDC meetings and serve as a liaison between the organization and your school;
  2. contributing an annual membership fee of $250 which will aid in covering expenses for many of the Collaborative sponsored events;
  3. promoting and supporting GPDC work at your school among faculty and staff.


If you are interested in becoming a member or would like additional information, please complete the form below.