Good Intent vs Intentional Execution, February 19, 2020

Hosted by Community Partnership School, Facilitated by Head Eric Jones and Jocelyn Hillman, former board chair

We live in a time when overt prejudice is frowned upon more broadly than ever in the US and independent schools have become increasingly diverse as a result. Well-meaning programs and practices that acknowledge and celebrate difference define many schools’ diversity initiatives. This approach, however, does very little to facilitate cultural competence and mitigate systemic bias community-wide. A question that asks “What will my school look like when it has successfully created a culture of equity and inclusion?” serves as a useful strategic guidepost for schools interested in moving beyond good intent to intentional execution around diversity. To holistically address this question, it is necessary to 1) gain an accurate, data-informed picture of where the school is currently as it relates to diversity, equity, and inclusion and 2) develop school-wide practices and policies that establish equity and inclusion as cultural norms, starting at the board and administrative levels.

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